At ACTINA we believe that jewelry must be timeless. A pair of earrings, a ring, and a necklace are more than decorative body ornaments, they tell a story about one’s character and beliefs.
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THIS IS ACTINA Revealing your uniqueness

this is actina jewelry founder

/We invite you to explore your individuality and unfold your true self!


ACTINA JEWELRY is a Mediterranean based brand that believes in the individuality of each woman and celebrates personal expression. Through our elegant yet comfortable jewelry pieces we inspire our customers to feel empowered and love their real selves, inside and out.

The design of our jewelry focuses on timeless clear forms and all of our pieces are made from fine durable materials, like sterling silver and gold. Jewelry for us is more than a decorative body ornament, its a way to express a feeling, like love, commitment or appreciation.

We believe in slow fashion, producing and consuming thoughtfully. All of our jewelry is carefully made in our studio in Nicosia, Cyprus and all of our materials are sourced from small businesses located in both Cyprus and Greece.

this is actina jewelry founder

The woman behind ACTINA JEWELRY

Hi  I am Maria, an architect with a passion for jewelry and the founder-designer behind Actina Jewelry.

I was born and raised in the small island of the Mediterranean Sea, in Cyprus. I  fell in love with jewelry making at an early age when my godfather gave me a jewelry making kit, as a present. That was the time when I discovered that I love making things with my hands. Many years later, after finishing my studies in Architecture, I decided to take silversmith classes at a local studio. Since then I attended various jewelry courses in both Cyprus and Spain where I learned to work professionally  with silver and gold. This studio is the place where my love for quality design and my passion for jewelry found a shelter.

P.S. Nothing has a meaning until we give it one

Maria xx

this is actina jewelry founder

We are always very happy to hear from you!

* If you have any questions, ideas for bespoke pieces or just want to say hi feel free to send us an email or inbox us on Instagram or Facebook

** For wholesale and Press inquiries please contact us via email using info@actinajewelry.com

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